"Peace of Mind"

"As a father, I want my family to be safe. Alisha taught my son to float as a very young infant and swim as a toddler, giving me piece of mind when I’m at work.”


Jeff, working Father of 2

"Super Woman"

"Alisha is one of a kind.  This super woman can do anything!  She has helped us in so many ways, such as party planning, babysitting, swim lessons and organizing our home and playroom to be a better and more efficient place to play and live!  We are so thankful for her and there isn't anything she can't accomplish!


Casey, mother of 1 small child


"Time Saver"

"Consider Any Thing Done has taken the stress out of packing for multiple family vacations by allowing me the time to focus on other important tasks that needed to be completed before the trips.  Alisha will have the kids outfits packed, labeled and even color coordinated.  It is such a huge weight lifted off a mother's shoulders when traveling with children." 


Tammy, working mother of 2 small children

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"Super Nanny"

"When mommy and daddy need to work or even get away from it all for a long weekend , Alisha comes to the rescue. I eat well, play hard and learn more from Alisha every day. Thanks for all you do Lisha!”

Michael, age 3

"Fairy God Mother"

"Alisha was invaluable in helping us grow from a family of 3 to a family of 4. In a critical time, with two very young children, her advice, nurturing and support helped us through the growing pains of transitioning with our second newborn. Her help allowed us the freedom to adjust and even breath, at times, when we needed her most. Thanks Alisha. Without you, we wouldn’t be the family we are today.


Working Mother of 2